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Van Rose

• Child of the Cosmos •

Hi, Lexi Van Rose here. I’m inviting you to step into my world of cosmic artistry. Explore a universe of vibrant colors and shapes. Discover the essence of creativity at our cosmic home.

Lexi Van Rose

Find Your Happy place.

I bring the viewer into the present moment through exploration of color and shapes. Enabling them to let go of what they thought they knew; to evolve out of being stagnant and conditioned to a past or future idea.

I take responsibility for bringing passion and creativity to everything I do. I inspire others to create visions and dreams they can take action on by creating art that opens the mind. I layer holographic vinyl over my acrylic paintings to allow the painting to change colors depending on the light source, to remind the observer to look at life from different vantage points, to shift the mind, to grow and evolve. I awaken a desire for self-exploration and full acceptance of one’s self.





My wheelhouse.

Custom Portraits

Portraits are subject to my creative process/discretion – subjects may be human or animal

Mixed Media

Mixed media, multi-layered paintings; lifelike people & animals to abstracted moments

vibed experience art

Virtual reality painting with Tiltbrush, psychedelic art with Procreate, digital mandalas for meditation and healing

full spectrum murals

All murals are subject to my creative process. All sizes and prices are subject to my discretion

acrylic art

Symmetrical, balanced, and whimsical paintings, geometric abstract art, self – portraits and expression

nifty nfts

Static digital paintings, animated mandalas, and other digitally derived created works in the new realm

Got a vibe? request...

custom work.

Wake up with a vision in your head? Lexi Van Rose can create any type of custom project you are looking for! From custom portraits to full scale murals --- Let's get started today!

of the cosmos

Let's Manifest It.


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+1 317-689-7008